New Zealand Wedding Photographer

We all have a story to tell...

It's about your personal story as a couple, and your future together. It would be an honour for me to be with you from the start of that journey, capturing your day, the emotion, the details.

I really believe that you get the best photos when you can simply be yourself.

And these are the photos that years from now will take you back to an exact moment in time – and have you feeling that same rush of emotion – excitement, nerves, happiness, and love. And for this reason, this approach to photography also “tells” the story of your day in such a richer way than a bunch of posed photographs would do. (Don’t get me wrong – I will still include a little posed photography for you – and if you need a little direction – I’ll be there for you 🙂 – but I’ll generally let things unfold naturally, and I’ll tell some of my old jokes along the way, to help keep things flowing… !! I’ll also be doing my best to capture special moments you might miss, and tell the story of YOUR unique and amazing day.

Wedding Stories